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Inspections For Buyers

Buying a house is an investment in the future and the central point in your family’s life: it’s where your children will play and grow, where the family gathers to celebrate, and where you feel safe and secure. Home is where memories are made.

It’s home.

And it’s also probably the single biggest financial decision you’ll ever make.

The exact same can be said for any business. You’re looking for the retail or office location where your enterprise can take root and thrive, providing good service to your customers and generating a reliable, growing return in the process.

Your location IS your business.

Whether it’s a home inspection for a house in the school district you want, or a due–diligence inspection for leasing or purchasing a professional office condo, a thorough, professional examination by Fitzwater Property Inspection will help you make the best, most informed decision possible.

"He took his time and found things that was not found by other inspectors. Provided a well explained report that included pictures of reported problems."

Brent J., Lexington KY

After all, the ultimate purpose of any property inspection is to help you manage your risk. While no inspector can discover every unknown factor, an unbiased inspection of your future home or workplace may identify problems that would otherwise have been overlooked, and in many cases the seller may not even have been aware of. Let’s be honest: when was the last time YOU went into that wet, smelly crawlspace? Or poked YOUR head above the ceiling tiles into the “no–man’s land” over your office?

Any property being bought or sold should be inspected, regardless of its age. Even new construction may have a hidden problem that may not become apparent until much later. No place is perfect. But let’s also keep things in perspective: any new car can have a factory defect, however minor, and the same can be said for any new construction; And, as with buying a classic car, any existing home or store front is sure to have some ‘mileage’ on it.

Remember: there are no “deal–breakers” — only more information to help you make the best, most informed decision possible.

Let Fitzwater Property Inspection help you make the right choice today! Contact us to schedule your professional property inspection, or to request pricing for an inspection!