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Inspections For Sellers

Very few homebuyers today would dream of signing the loan papers and closing on a new house without first having it inspected for any hidden problems. And there isn’t a bank or finance company out there that doesn’t insist on a ‘due diligence’ inspection before financing a business opening a new store or moving to a new office space.

Ultimately, the purpose of any property inspection is to help you manage your risk. While no inspector can discover every unknown factor, an unbiased inspection of your home or office by Fitzwater Property Inspection can identify many problems you may have overlooked, or even be completely unaware of. After all, when you have lived or worked quite comfortably for many years in one location, it’s easy to grow accustomed to conditions which may appear disconcerting to a potential buyer. A thorough, professional pre–listing inspection can help put your property’s present condition into a more realistic light.

In addition, a professional inspection report can be a persuasive sales tool, particularly when combined with a disclosure form confirming that the issues documented in the report have already been corrected.

"His inspection followed our "what to expect" discussion to the letter! Afterwards, he took the time to sit with us, go over his results, and answer any questions we may have. We can't say enough good things about Pat and FPI!"

Gene T., Lexington KY

Here is an example of the report you will receive when your property inspection is completed.

A pre–listing inspection can identify issues early on, so you can handle any repairs yourself, making sure the work is done correctly and reasonably, and not end up haggling with a potential buyer later over how repair estimates are affecting their offer. Having a professional inspection report from Fitzwater Property Inspection will help you and your agent arrive at a practical and attractive listing price.

With a clean inspection report in hand showing there are no major defects in the property to be addressed — or documentation showing that any such issues have already been addressed — prospective buyers will be less concerned with any hidden ‘gotchas’ that may crop up later.

Let’s face it: you don’t want any surprises from the BUYER’s inspection report, do you?

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